So, today has been a bit rough so far.  It is 2:15 PM here in Maryland and my day started around 6:30 AM.  I tend not to post or give much attention to things that seem not to be going smoothly simply because it is not worth giving energy to such things.  Today; however, I am choosing to make mention of the foibles of my day to demonstrate a philosophy I aspire to live by and the value of said belief.
     First, the belief/philosophy: There is/must be balance in the world and when we are able to recognize reasons to be grateful in ANY situation, we can actually create that balance.  It can always be worse.
1- the cabin battery light turned red and was beeping in Van-Go…fridge off, no lights
1- took her for a ride to see if the battery would recharge and it did
2- went to the MVA to register the van and get new license, didn’t have current registration
    with me
2- didn’t get pulled over
3- tried to start van to leave, horrible noise and notification that said LOW FUEL when I filled it
    up last night
3- didn’t break down in the middle of nowhere, or when I was taking Megan to the train station           earlier, happened on MVA lot in a safe commercial area
4- called about roadside assistance and discovered I DIDN’T HAVE IT went to purchase it and           didn’t have my bank card and when I do sign up, it will be 36-48 hours before it would be
4- (still pondering this one), but my cell phone had a full charge on it to allow me to make all the         calls I needed to make
5- didn’t have a gas can so had to walk about half mile to purchase one
5- clear skies, legs strong, had enough cash, Target HAD one
6- walked to station, got gas, put in tank, now van made no sound at all when I turned the ignition
6- my daughter Rachel was able to leave work and come pick me up and take me to her house 
    AND the mgr at the motor vehicle offices said I could leave my van there for a day or two as
    long as I updated them daily before they close 
7- attempted to make 2 doctor appointments while I’m here and neither of my past doctors could         fit me in before I get back on the road in July
7- found 2 new ones that could
     With all that said…..
***I have reservations for the entire week at a campground starting Sunday, the 15th, the last 4 days of which my grandson is scheduled to stay with me….soooo I am putting ‘out there’ that all will be taken care of before then and that it is a simple fix!  Please join me!
Bright Spots– See pink info above – 🙂

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