“Oh…how they’ve grown”!!! –
feathers, folded wings, wobbly legs and big ‘ole feet!!!  The picture quality is not fabulous this
round, but you’ll get a decent idea of what is going on.  I find it extremely interesting that the
siblings seem to have very different temperaments and personalities at this
young age.  There’s the hungry, bold, ‘me
first’ one and then there’s the hungry, laid back, ‘I’ll watch and wait my turn…..until
I can’t take it anymore, then I’m going in’ one…LOL

Your brother is awake and stretching
his wings.
You sure are hungry this morning!

Eat, eat, eat…you’ll be big and strong!

Wow…am I ever gonna get a turn?

I’m moving in!

That’s nice…taking turns.

You know, kids…I’m a little hungry
(Look at those beautiful tail feathers)

Hey, Ma..wutcha got there?  Don’t look
like fish?!

It’s NOT….good eye!

Can I have some?
Okay, you can try it…chew it good!

Hey, don’t forget me!  What’s going on
over there?!

What’s mom got, sis?

Not sure, but it’s yummy!

She’s looking away…..

I’m going in!
Caught ya!
I hear something…
I think they’ve had enough grub for now.
I think it’s him!
Guess not.
Soooo cute!
C’mon, hon!  They’re down for the count!

Ooohhhh!  When he’s late, it just ruffles my feathers!!!!!

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