Before I get started, I must clear up one thing…yet a second name for my new home on wheels has bitten the dust. It seems that she had a name in mind all along and I just wasn’t paying attention.  I had been seeing and thinking about the famous painting, “Starry Starry Night” beyond normal frequency!  Then on my way to get gas one afternoon, it hit me…her name…her permanent name…would be ‘Van-Go’!  How perfect, I thought!  So let it be recorded…permanent name for my new home…’Van-Go’.
   Tentative date to officially begin my journey is April 24, 2014.  I’m currently in Maryland visiting family and friends for a couple more days.  I have acquired a new 10.1″ HP touchscreen with a fabulous funky carry case and Garmin to accompany me on my adventure…thanks to a very dear longtime friend!
   Tomorrow my son will help me to consolidate all electronics, back everything up and whatever else is needed to lighten and organize my travels…thanks to him big time!
   A sketchy route from ABQ to Baltimore from April to June has been planned!  That will be the first leg for me as several celebrations will be taking place in my family during the month of June!  So, I’ll hang out there for 3 weeks!
   The app, LIFE 360, has been installed on family phones.  That will enable us to keep track of each other while I’m on the road….ACTUALLY it is so my kids will not worry about me!  I have informed them that I may turn it off once in awhile if I don’t WANT to be located!!!  We all got a good belly laugh over that!!!
   Still to be done:
1-flush out tanks and fill
2-get a back up sensor
3-put all music on an iPod
4-read manual to find the height of my van
5-learn how to keep ceertain things from ‘moving’ inside the van when I’m driving
And a few other little details, of course.  Why do I feel as if there will always be a few other little details!
   Well, gonna go take care of a few of those details…be back soon!

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