Fun times at the campground…next stop…TEXAS!

Ah – ha!  Caught ya…LOL

“Are there REALLY any fish in this lake?”

Staring contest…he won!!!!!

I found this baby bat in the bottom of one of the
washing machines!  So glad I saw the little fella!!!
I let him sleep and used a different one!

These interesting ‘mud formations’ were
all through the walking trails…hollow in the center…
have no idea what they are???  Anybody know?

Can’t forget the flora!

Along the trail

Nice reflection

One of the ponds

What a nice guy…sharing his snack with
a quack…lol

More pretties

Campfire with new friends from Canada

Setting a bad example for me…lol

OK…I caved!!!
Catching a flaming marshmallow!
(not really..tee hee)
Sitting for meditation
with me early mornng

We are getting really good!
This is puzzle number 4!!!
This 500 piece was crazier to do than
the 1,000 piece!
Way to pick ’em, Carl!  LOL

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