OMG…turn your back for 1 second…LOL

Reflection of a flower

What a perfect day!  Rachel, Megan and I went to Lohr’s to pick apples, taste cider, pick us some pumpkins and act silly!!!  The weather was spectacular!  We caught hay wagon rides to and from the orchards that were filled with adorable wide-eyed children!  Feeling like a child myself, I was quite taken with the flowers of the pumpkin vines.  They had a whole new appeal for me…I think it was because they represent the transformation from seed to blossom/fruit!  Whatever the reason, I totally enjoyed being in their company!

Rachel and me

Find Judi…LOL


Mine!  No, mine!

Megan bonding with a beauty

Rachel and Megan in the orchard

Mom photo-bombing!

The hay wagon engine!!!

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