Joe Patti’s World Famous Seafood Market!!!  Wow, there was every kind of fish you can possibly imagine and in any ‘condition’!  With a head or without, bone-in or filleted, full body or sectioned, peeled, deveined…it was awesome!  I, of course, having been told I must try the big reds…very large shrimp that taste much like lobster…did just that!


just behind the market

love the sailboat in the distance

 They steam them to order…I felt bold so I ordered MEDIUM!!! Yummy…they did taste like lobster….and for $9/lb they were (de-headed), peeled, deveined and steamed!!!  That wasn’t the only attraction at the market…a made to order sushi bar was also calling to me!  I got to watch the rolls being assembled!  Oh, and the homemade gelato…well?!
    Bright Spot – After I had filled my Thanksgiving plate, I mosied outside to find a spot to sit.  There was a table that felt perfect and that is where I met Cindy and Gary from Missouri who have been together 45 years and they still really like each other!!! LOL They shared a very serendipitous story with me.  A few years ago, they were considering going on the road.  In the meantime, their grandson moved in with them for two years which was a very joyous time for everyone!   Then, a little over a month ago, they were thinking about it again.  One day there was a knock on their door.  Outside was a real estate agent and a couple that wanted to buy their house!  Mind you that it wasn’t even on the market yet.  Cindy stated a sale price she thought was too high feeling certain no one would pay THAT!  Well, to her surprise, someone DID want to pay that and bought the house within 3 days!  So, in 2 weeks time she and Gary cleared out 45 years worth of possessions and vacated the premises.  They did however need to stay in their new 5th wheeler in the driveway for 5 additional days before they were actually ready to go on the road!  It’s been 3 weeks now and they are lovin’ life!!!  What a wonderful story to have unfolded for such an amazing couple!  Cindy and Gary were so much fun to be with and talk to.  I ended up getting most of their story hanging out with them in their NEW HOME on wheels!  I know they are embarking on a grand adventure together.  Have fun!!!!
   Tech issues with videos of marines…may or may not appear on blog at some point??  Stay tuned.

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