Part 1- except for some moderately strong winds from Tucumcari, NM to Colorado Springs, CO…the weather cooperated for the duration of my 7 hour drive that should have only been 5!!!   My Garmin couldn’t locate my destination, so I used Google Maps on my phone, then my signal went out on the phone in the middle of nowhere!  You think THAT’S funny…well, I had glanced ahead a bit on the phone screen and what I thought said 419 as my next juncture was actually 412…………so a mere 120 miles later in a less than time efficient direction, I was able to hook up with a major interstate!!!  Dare I say, even more amusing, there was a map laying right next to me that remained unused!   I haven’t traveled like this in such a long time, I forgot about my “old school” yet extremely helpful resource!!!   Lesson well learned!
   Part 2- It was late and windy and I was very tired, so when I reached my site and parked, I decided to wait until morning to connect to the electricity source.  I popped the top and prepped my bed and went to sleep…about 3:00 am, the winds were so strong, I decided to put the top back down and sleep on the couch.  At 6:00 am, it was raining like crazy.  I was cold and without electricity!!!  After a half hour, I bit the bullet and became the “traveling warrior” that I knew I was…went out into the elements, covered my cable as I plugged it in and ran back inside.  Then, I put the heater on, warmed up my chai and had a piece of toast!
Life is good!
***pics coming soon…having some technical difficulties and a bit of operator error…lol***

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