The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurred 2 days and approximately 2 hours ago…Mountain time!  The energetic pulse is still palpable! 
   During a solstice, (winter/shortest day…summer/longest day) the Earth’s movement…TRAVEL…is  one of the most useful and important phenomenons in astronomy…dictating the seasons.  It is the moment the sun travels its shortest path through the sky providing the least sunlight.  The Earth’s North Pole is tilted the farthest away from the sun denoting the onset of winter!
   Winter Solstice has meaning on a number of levels.  Most literally, it refers to the “birth of the sun”…both universally and personally.  Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice corresponding to the Christmas/New Year season, the concept of nurturing new beginnings is highlighted.  Spiritually, this event is a celebration of our spirit being transformed from inner darkness into light.  This allows our dark side to surface, be acknowledged and be healed. 
   To me, it is a time to be still and prepare for the thrill of newness in my life even if the details are obscure!!!  I take time to recognize all the personal moments of ‘darkness’ that I am so grateful for.  I express my appreciation for the transformative power of those moments by consciously creating Light all around me from a place of perpetual Light within me. 
   Though the actual ‘solstice’ occurred at 10:11 AM Mountain time two days ago, I assure you it was just the opening of a door to hundreds of thousands of opportunities that are forthcoming for each of us to celebrate the light of the sun and of ourselves!
If you choose to travel down the road to change or growth this New Year, please consider shining your own Light a little brighter! 

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