I had no idea how far back Carnival and Mardi Gras went!  The celebration in Mobile, AL is the oldest in the country.  It started here in 1703, 15 years before New Orleans was founded.  Originally, Carnival (carnevale, in Italian…meaning “put away the meat”) began as a celebration of life that involved costumes and masks and much feasting for Catholics who were preparing for Lent when no meat could be consumed.  The concept spread to other Catholic European countries until finally the French brought it to America.  The rest, as they say, is history.
   In Mobile, there are traditions of exclusive societies, masked balls and elegant costumes.  Kings and queens of Mardi Gras were crowned and rode in parades throughout the town of Mobile.  In the museum, the amazing costumes themselves were on display.  The creativity and workmanship was spectacular!!!

2016 King and Queen…LOL

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