We are here!!!!!  We got into Wasilla late Saturday afternoon.  Except for the sign at the entrance to the museum, I haven’t taken many pics yet…we have been decompressing from the 7 straight days of arduous travel though the mountains of Canada.  Nontheless, here we are…in ALASKA!
   Sherry and Lonny, the museum curators, have been terrific.  We got the grand tour of the facility and grounds, met the museum dog Juneau, and were given 4 days off to get acclimated.  We also met the other couple volunteering with us…Julie and Wally.   At the moment, it feels good to know we will be in one place for a little while…lol
   We are preparing in many ways for yet another adventure into the unknown for the summer.  I’ve been reading up on the mosquitoes and the Aurora Borealis.  There is a big “Appreciation Evening” planned for tomorrow night to celebrate the new set up in the gallery and meet the community.  It sounds like fun!
*****The next half dozen or so postings will take you back to Idaho and our travels to this point through Canada.  Once I get caught up…postings will be back in chronological order!  Yippee!!!

Border crossing back into the USA – Alaska
They took our oranges, tomatoes and peppers-

Old school insulators…there were miles of these poles…
civilization must not be far away…lol 

Last night before crossing the border…
pretty awesome view!

Moose spotted in mountain pond…
so many sightings just pop up in your
peripheral vision…too late to stop, but
good enough to catch a glimpse

These loose gravel, bumpy, lumpy roads
were more the norm than the exception for
the 1400+ miles along the Al-can highway…
it was crazy!!!!

Mountain lake,,,they showed up all
through the drive…each one more beautiful
than the last

Nope, that orange thing is not an exotic
caterpillar or a worm of any kind…it’s a
CHEESE DOODLE discovered at a
pull-off area…no comment!

First glacier sighting

At many many points, we were
virtually surrounded by mountains

Notice the 2 peaks far off in the distance
poking through the clouds…so cool!!!
The views have been breathtaking

Signs of the cutting away of the mountain
to build the roads

Mountain river…side view mirror shot…
not too shabby either…lol

Home for the next 3 months

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