Up and out early to get the laundry done so I could spend the day at the beach on the lake!  As “luck” would have it, I was fortunate enough to need help with the machines and that is when I met Debra who ran the laundromat!  I was telling her about my trip and she was pretty darn sure she didn’t have any good news for me.  So I let it be.  I changed the subject and somehow ended up with a 2-sided Bright Spot-without going into great detail, as it turns out, Debra is an unmistakable Bright Spot for her grandson and vice versa!  She is just what he needs to learn about values and tolerance for peoples’ differences and compassion.  He gives her the opportunity to make a difference in his young life!  What a team…hang in there Debra.  Your grandson is blessed to have you in his life!
    It wasn’t quite lunchtime and I didn’t want to interrupt my sunning to eat, so I walked around the busy streets in South Haven. Lots of people, lots of smiles…it was great!  I popped into this funky shop selling “props” for the home!  It was great fun!  I took a few pictures of the party napkins and a picnic dinnerware set…too cute!  I finally got hungry, had a fabulous bowl of French onion soup and a salad…then, of course, I was drawn to the ice cream shop across the street!  Standing in line I met Lauren and Spencer.  They had plenty of happy news…Bright Spots– Spencer’s brother and his wife are celebrating their 1 year anniversary TODAY, Lauren & Spencer will be celebrating theirs in July! Spencer is going to law school and Lauren is returning to college for a degree in nursing.  She is really looking forward to that.   Spencer’s dad recently received his doctorate (Master of Ministry) in formational counseling…he is currently a counselor at their church…congrats to this inspirational family!!!   What examples of ‘going for it’!  The best news of all was that the shop had their favorite flavor…SUPERMAN!!!
    I finally made it to the beach where I totally vegged for over 4 hours.  Everything was perfect…the water, the sand, the sun, the boats, the people.  I watched, listened, napped, and wrote poetry!  I have no other words….(poem will be posted separately)
    By then, it was time for dinner and I decided to try out an Italian place recommended by friends at the campground.   I arrived at 6:30 and there was already a wait list…unless you ate outside…and that was fine with me!   Nikki, my amazing server, showed up to get my drink and take my order.  She was more than happy to answer all my questions and make a recommendation.  As she went to go inside, she spotted George, a regular, sitting off to the side just hanging out and she greeted him with great enthusiasm!  George and I chatted a bit and it was nice, but the thing about George that really touched my heart was this-the 2 times a gentleman exited the restaurant donning something that showed he was a veteran, George excused himself, went up to the men, shook their hand and thanked them for their service!  Wow!  Thank YOU, George!
   My barbecued chicken, onion, bacon and pineapple gluten free pizza was nothing short of impressive!  Nikki was right on with that suggestion.  After I finished eating, she sat at my table for a second (it was crazy busy) and told me that her Bright Spot was her life.  She is happy, has great kids, loves her job at Maria’s, rides her bike…life is good!  Well, you can’t argue with THAT!  Thank you Nikki for covering that second shift after opening this morning.  It was my pleasure to meet you…keep lovin’ life and sharing your happiness with others!

Packed for Memorial Day fun
Party napkins

Cool signs

Picnic plates and cups set
Plates are plastic with ants painted on them…love it!

Open air market and crafts

Great little street and greater van!

Live music on the sidewalks


Message to grandson in MD

Also beautiful!
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