They built this restaurant
around a TREE!!!!!

  After we went to the Science Center, we went to Old Town Square for lunch.  Cameron had his first sopapilla with honey!  He said it was the best dessert he ever had!  YUM!
Our restaurant had a tree growing right smack in the middle of the room!!!

 Then we ventured to the Rattlesnake Museum…I never thought I would ever refer to a snake as beautiful!  There were several that were truly awesome to look at!

I love me some turtles…lol

Better watch out…he’s got his eye on you!


That rattler is ready for action!

Kinda looks like a snake mosaic imbedded in the sand

We were awarded rattlesnake ‘tattoos’ for surviving our visit…lol

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2 Replies to “Cam and Gram – The Rattlesnake Museum

  1. the bright smile on the kid's face ensures that the trip must have been great for him. which makes me try it out for myself as well. guess i am going to take my niece there since she loves meuseums

    1. Hello! Please forgive the delayed response. Thank you so much for your comment and, YES, taking your niece sounds like a wonderful idea. She will most likely love it! You can get a 'tattoo' (ink stamp) on your arm or hand, too!

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