YES!  My first
official poetry manuscript submission! 
Back in the saddle of writing, I researched a few literary
contests.  Unicorn Press offered
one…First Book Contest.  The requirements
were to send in 56-72 pages of unpublished original poetry.  I sent 64 poems on 68 pages.  The winner receives $250 and will have their
poetry published in a hand-bound book by Unicorn Press.  Woo! 
Hoo!  Wish me luck…you gotta play
to win!!!  

 I had a creative surge after I
returned from the post office and stretched my skills to include
drawing…designed a fun cover for my poetry book.  I may call it  Lines of Life – Love – Laughter

I also sent 17 poems to Blue Mountain Arts – Poetry Card Contest.  I’m writing every day, working on my 6th
short story, creating a scene file for a possible novel, reading genres I
haven’t read before and loving all of it!
     Bright Spot – A spontaneous lunch stop
at The Olive Garden not only afforded me a great meal, but the pleasure of
meeting Dawn.  She was my server with a
smile!  It was apparent that she was not
working alone…Lucas is due to be born in only 8 days!!! 
Dawn and Lucas

Between my salad and my stuffed mushrooms,
Dawn took a well-deserved few minutes to sit down and chat.  She and her boyfriend Wayne have a 6 year old
little girl, Emma who is excited to meet her baby brother.  Wayne’s 10 year old son from a previous
relationship is very possibly even more excited about the birth of little Lucas
because finally he will not be the only male child in the family.  You see, Chris has a 14 year old sister as
well.  Dawn’s last day at the restaurant
will be Friday so she can rest up for next week’s big event.  She was such a delight to talk with.  She has a bright and cheerful outlook about
today, next week and her family’s future together!  May your life continue to be filled with
blessings, Dawn!

     This morning I ventured to the beach on my knee walker.  It was cool and breezy and relatively humidity-free…I had to try especially since there is a beach access directly across
the street.  It turned out to be a bit
more challenging than I had anticipated. 
The beach access included a winding sand covered path before you
actually reached the beach.  So my
walker, my boot and I had to synchronize and harmonize our movements…big time! The arms got a serious workout.  With all that said, I spent a wonderful hour on the beach.  I leaned the walker on the trash can and I sat on the sand leaning on the walker… I watched the sun
creep up the beach as it cleared the tops of the buildings behind me and had
some fun with a shadowy selfie!  I read
some Maya Angelou and headed back to the house. 
Now, I know that trip is possible, but I am quite satisfied to have done
it ONCE.
Shadowy selfie…LOL

Bird on a breakfast mission…
movements were so calculated
Funny what you notice when sitting still
most of the day…open blinds on art
Open blinds on wall
Huge bird nest spotted atop light pole
driving back from the post office
The new hairdo…the only thing more
challenging than taking a selfie is taking one in the mirror!!!
I never know where my eyes will be looking…LOL
How is it possible that it took this many years
for them to notice the spaghetti didn’t fit in the pot?

The sun slowly making its way up the beach

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