Getting around the house is becoming easier…doing things
upright on one foot still tires me, so I just do things in stages.  The knee walker has been a great help!  I can’t use it for everything though…like
doing laundry.  If I could tape that…it
would be a candidate for America’s Funniest Videos for sure!
     I tried a couple new dishes this week.  Blueberry-ricotta pancakes and Zucchini
pasta.  The additional ingredients in the
pancakes them a little ‘mushy’, but very tasty. 
The ‘pasta maker’ gadget was loads of fun to use.  An entire zucchini’s worth of curliness in
one long strip!  It was amazing.  I mixed half corn pasta and half zucchini and
topped it with baked chicken and onion-garlic sauce and grated parmesan!  Can you say YUMMY???

         Doctor check-up was on Friday.  Same news…4 more weeks of no pressure on foot
with it raised most of the day with occasional ice.  Then begin the ‘walking’ process!  The x-rays were great…nothing has shifted and
bone is healing well!  Left foot swelling is going down…I almost have an

     Bright Spot – Got a knock on the door
and it was an Oceans 6 team!  They are
food distributors for major restaurants like Carrabba’s and Texas Roadhouse.  Michael was training a new rep.  Her name was Natalie.  Michael and I demonstrated the fine art of
negotiation.  I believe that Amy was
impressed…LOL All 3 of us had a good time and I now have freezer with some
great steak and lots of shrimp!  I will
be feeding Rachel and Megan like royalty while they are here visiting.  They’ll be here in 19 short days!  Once I try the goods, I’ll pass on Michael’s
direct number for anyone who wants more information.
Michael and Natalie

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