Wow!  Some great things happened in one month’s time…between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve!  First, I’d like to say how wonderful it is to be relatively easily accessible to family and friends again!!!  Next, I’d like to say to everyone who reads this post….please keep good thoughts regarding me getting used to east coach winters again….GEEZ!!!!!! LOL

First, Nicole and Cameron and I participated in the Turkey Trot very early in the morning.  They usually jog, but conceded to walking quickly in my honor this year…LOL  Then  there was the annual Thanksgiving breakfast at my sister’s house.  She started that wonderful family tradition when I moved to NM over 8 years ago!  They always sent me pics, but this year I got to be there with everyone!  It was so much fun!  As you will see there was a plethora of food and a few of the guys ate themselves right into a NAP!  LOL

Throughout December, I was visited at my house by two friends…Dena for a few days, then Sabrina for a few days the following week.  Dena and I engaged in a Scrabble battle a couple times—-sooooo fun!  She was also here on a Friday so we went as guests of my cousin Rob to the Elks Club and danced ALL NIGHT!!!  When Sabrina came, we spent a great deal of time on the very chilly beach collecting amazing shells and fragments!  Sabrina is a photographer and does a lot of her work in or about nature.  You’ll see her crouching in the sand creating a masterpiece using the treasures she found to take pictures.

My friend Alysia was in town from China visiting her family in PA, so we both drove a couple or so hours in yucky weather to meet for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!  We had a super fabulous visit eating amazing food and having great conversation.  She gifted me with so many awesome treats from several places she visited on the other side of the world.  We really had a lovely time together!

Cameron and Jay had their first winter concert at middle school!  Cameron plays the French horn and Jay sings in the chorus!  It was really terrific…like 6 or so elementary schools together for their first performance…kudos to the music department at Belair Middle!!!

I threw in a few sunrise shots, a full moon and ‘Faith’…my Build-a Bear gift I gave to myself for Christmas!  i have always wanted to go to the shop and stuff a little critter to take home.  This year I DID IT!  But, of course, I had to get something other than a bear…LOL

A couple things that were random were the surfers and the Polar Plunge….more power to them all!  LOL  That HAD to be really chilly…LOL

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