Bright Spot – Rachel and Megan and I were coming back from a day of being out and about when we drove by a little girl manning a lemonade stand.  After we all said, “Aawww, isn’t that adorable”, there was a quick unanimous decision to turn around and support her little business.  We double-parked across the street from Natalie’s ‘booth’.  She was advertising a cup of juice for 25 cents.  I jumped out and went over to order our lemonade.  I offered her $3.00 and she was ecstatic!  She shared that she was having a wonderful time even though the customer count was quite a bit lower than hoped for on this out-of-the-way residential street.  Her mom was sitting by the front door overseeing Natalie’s venture…far enough away from the end of the driveway for the entrepreneur to maintain a sense of autonomy!  What a lovely surprise spotting Natalie was.  Talk about more bang for your buck…a few moments with this little girl was worth a fortune!  Thank you, Natalie!

Bright Spot – The day before Matthew’s wedding, I stopped in The Avenue Apothecary & Spa in Rehobeth to get a manicure. There I met Regine, my manicurist and mom of Evolet, age 6.  She shared a great story with me while she did my nails.  Evolet had been asking for goldfish for months and finally one day Regine took her to get a couple.  They both carefully scrutinized each and every fish in the pet store tank in order to choose the 2 perfect ones to take home.   Once they arrived in their new space complete with bowl, colorful stones, a plastic tree, and yummy food…Evolet began the bonding process by naming her 2 new friends, feeding them 3 times a day and sharing her innermost secrets.
Not much time had passed when Regine noticed one morning that the fish were no longer “with us.” In a panic, she rushed off to the pet store with the lifeless pair secured in a ziplock baggie!  She solicited the store assistant to find 2 more goldfish that looked just like the first set.  Mom knew that Evolet would be devastated to know her buddies had perished.  The loving deception was a success and later that day Evolet performed her after school ritual without incident smiling as brightly as she had the night before the unmentionable occurred.  Go, Mom!

Bright Spot – After Matthew and Adam’s wedding weekend celebration inn Rehobeth Beach, DE (pics of wedding coming up in next post), I headed for Bethany Beach just a few miles away.  My friend Sharon once again invited me to hang out a few days before I got back on the road.  As usual, we had a fabulous time.  On one of the days, the weather was unseasonably wonderful so I packed up and drove down to the beach.  No sooner I parked and gathered my things from the inside of the van, a lovely woman approached me.  Her name was Suzanne and she was drawn to me because of the van.  She had purchased something similar awhile back, realizing shortly thereafter that the only place she really wanted to be was at the beach…so, she sold it and bought a condo at the beach that she loves.  We continued to chat for well over an hour sharing adventures, life similarities and discussing the quotes on Van-Go.  Our ‘chance’ meeting was more like a reunion of sorts.  It seemed as if we knew each other before that day.  Suzanne was beaming with bright beautiful energy that was palpable!  We promptly decided that we were soul sisters and that we should keep in touch.  We hugged and went on our ways.  Within the hour, we had already texted each other sharing our gratitude for having shared that brief  yet poignant moment in time together.
It will be delightful to continue to share life events.  

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  1. Thank you my dear friend!!! It has been and continues to be an incredible blessing in so many ways….the people, the places, the solitude, the excitement…the surprises!!! I am so very grateful!!! Love you!

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