On my own today…where shall I go?  To La Jolla Cove!!!!   I got a brief taste of La Jolla when Martha
took Sharon and me for a guided tour when we first arrived.  I’ve been wanting to return ever since.  So around noon, I hopped on a couple busses
and Voila!  It was a little overcast and
I stopped at a little café, Cody’s, for lunch!  It rested atop a hill where the shops ended
and nature began…overlooking the park and the ocean.

Embossed metal…cool !

Love the water bottle

Doggie menu!!!


     Having misunderstood the directions to Sunny
Jim’s Sea Cave, I was able to get quite a bit of walking in before I finally
arrived…lol  This is where I had time to
marvel over the sea lions playing, sleeping and growling on the rocks!  They were adorable.  There were a few babies wiggling and waddling to get close to mom or dad for some snuggling.  Several pelicans flew onto the scene, too.  They sleep with their head turned around
resting on their back!!!
So I made it to the Sea Cave…145 steps down a dark cave to a
platform where an opening in the rocks enabled you to see out into the ocean.  It was pretty cool; however, I was able to
get the same type of rock-framed view climbing through a short tunnel along the
beach and it didn’t cost $5!!!  AND, I
was able to walk out onto the beach! 

La Jolla Cove

Sunning on the rocks

How cute is that little guy posing for me?!

Cave tunnels

Down, down, down
145 steps!


The Pacific from the cove

There was where I witnessed the best site of the day!          As I climbed on the slippery moss-covered rocks through
the tunnel, I noticed there were several people all looking in one direction
taking pictures.  When I arrived at the
opening, I saw the attraction….a baby seal was “stuck” up on a ledge!!!!   What a sight!  There was some discussion as to whether
someone should help it down into the water (approx. 8′ below) or let it be.  A young couple decided to help it down!  They walked across the rocks and into the
water.  The woman put her arm out toward
the seal and it licked her hand!!!  She
stood tip-toed on the rocks and leaned on the boulder to keep her

The tunnel to the beach

Here I go!

What are they looking at?

They were looking at THIS!!!!

She continued to lean forward
toward the baby and then all of the sudden, it slipped, slid down the ledge
backward, did a flip in mid air and plop! 
It landed in the shallow waters below!  It swam to another area and climbed right back up onto a lower ledge and
sat basking in the sun!  What funny
series of events to witness!  Maybe he
wasn’t “stuck” after all???!!!

The Seal Scarers!

There it goes..away from the
crazy humans…LOL

And back up on a rock…looking

     Martha had texted me in the morning to see if she could help me out with a
ride anywhere over the next few days, so I said, “Yes!  Today!”  She had
to go to the university to get something for her husband anyway which was close
to where I was.  She picked me up and
drove me to the hostel.  The traffic was
unexpectedly heavy, but it gave us time to chat.  Martha had added Sharon and me to her list of
potential house/kitty sitters during times when she and her husband travel
abroad.  I can’t help out this spring
when they will be in Japan, but it will be great fun to help her out in the
future.   Thank you, Martha!
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