A little later on Day 1 – Off we went downtown to find the tallest building in Houston and that we did!  It is the tallest skyscraper in Texas as well AND the tallest 5-sided building in the world!  The JP Morgan Chase Tower…75 stories high with an observation deck at 60 where we found a fabulous panoramic view of the city.   It reminded me of the Baltimore World Trade Center that Carl and I went in with my son Matthew when we were in town in January!  I thought THAT was high at the 27th floor of the 30 story building!  Both very cool!!!
     We reached the deck in an express elevator in a matter of seconds…whoa!  We found out after our visit that this tower is connected to the Houston Downtown Tunnel System.  It forms a network of subterranean, climate controlled pedestrian walkways that link a full 25 blocks.  Pretty cool…especially in the rain…lol

The cool abstract design
at the front entrance
 to the tower

Houston from 60
stories up

Another view

I couldn’t even get it
on my camera!!!

A painting that
hangs in the lobby
of its


On our way to the new campground as we were leaving Houston, we discovered the Eclectic Menagerie right alongside the highway.  We were able to park on the frontage road, get out of the motor home and play a little among the hugely over-sized metal structures!  Absolutely no rhyme or reason to them…it was so much fun.  I had to wonder what the passersby might have been thinking while we climbed up and laid  down on these metal giants!

I got ’em!

C’mon Carl…I want that truck!  What
a guy!

Whew…these dudes are heavy, but I can do it!!!

I have nothing to say!!!
It’s just Carl hangin’ out!
That other truck was
just too heavy, I guess!
But he caught me a new one!

Thanks, Carl, I love it!
And it’s RED…yeah!

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