You know how sometimes we go along with a friend or partner or spouse to do something that we are not necessarily thrilled about, but do it because THEY are?!  And then sometimes we like it too and other times we just grin and bare it?!  Well, Dinosaur World was one of those and I liked it, too!!!!  I was totally surprised how cool the dinosaur exhibit was…walking along outdoors seeing a new creature around every turn!  What a blast!

A dinosaur…
A manchild…

“It got me!…LOL

“Let us out!”

“Oh no…got Carl, too!”

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Awww, babies!

It’s not nice to point…lol

“Good thing Carl’s finger
wasn’t there then!!!”

“C’mon, Carl…jump!  You can do it!”

“”Hey Judi!  Look what I found!”

Aaawwww!  More babies!

Awesome shot, huh?!!!

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