Funny how you go to some places thinking you’re just gonna hang out for a day of two on your way someplace REALLY cool and you get to talking with a local and BAM….you’re off to an unexpected delight!  The painted churches was one such surprise.
    What I learned was that when the Czech and German immigrants came to Texas in the 1800’s, many settled in the central part and named their towns after the places they had left such as Schulenberg, near where these churches are and   “…in an effort to make their new churches feel more like the ancient Gothic structures of their homelands, these early settlers painted the walls, altars, and arches of their simple wooden sanctuaries in colorful patterns and images…”
     Many painting techniques are used.  Stenciling, freehand, marbling and graining I had heard of.  Infill and pounce painting, variations on stenciling using charcoal rubbings, was new to me.  I was in awe of what simple painting and special techniques can do to the appearance of WOOD.  If you didn’t know the ‘marble’ pillars were wood before you saw them, you’d never know.  Just gorgeous!


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